Montserrat & Coves del Salnitre.

Collbató, Barcelona Province.

Day-tripping to the caves at Montserrat, Jan. 2021.

Incredible rock formations and landscapes that have inspired many an artist and creative genius, including the famous architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Top Tips for visiting the caves: Coves de Salnitre, Montserrat

Capacity is limited, so you need to buy tickets online before you go at

Parking is also limited, so arrive early to in case the carparks are full and you need to leave the car in the town and walk up. The hike up the mountain path to reach the entrance to the caves from the town and first carpark is quite steep, and the steps are quite unstable in places. When we arrived, the carpark was full, and we were advised to drive back to the town of Collbató, leave the car there and walk up because the police were fining badly parked cars. However, after leaving the car and scrambling up the mountain-side for 20 minutes, rushing to arrive on time, we discovered another parking area just below the last set of steps to the entrance! Therefore I highly recommend arriving early to explore different parking options or to enjoy a scenic hike up the mountain. It is also worth noting that down by the first carpark theere are toilets and a picnic area, there are no toilets next to the caves.

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