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  • Podcast: Can I tell you a secret?

    Podcast: Can I tell you a secret?

    This week I’ve been listening to an excellent podcast by The Guardian. Can I tell you a secret tells the story of a man who stalked and terrorized at least 62 women online over an eleven-year period. In January 2022, Matthew Hardy was finally imprisoned for destroying the lives of his victims by hacking their…

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  • Online Abuse & Fake Social Media Accounts – Part Two

    Online Abuse & Fake Social Media Accounts – Part Two

    Bullying, abuse, and character assassination are as old as “civilization” itself, and fake social media and online accounts created to sabotage, humiliate, and discredit others are as old as, well, Facebook and dating sites, I guess. Whilst it’s widely acknowledged that these things happen, it always amazes me how reluctant many people are to listen…

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  • Online Abuse & Fake Social Media Accounts – Part One

    Online Abuse & Fake Social Media Accounts – Part One

    Whilst scrolling through blogs, chats, discussion forums, and social media, do you ever stop to wonder if the accounts you are viewing are actually genuine? When you see surprising, embarrassing or highly personal content, does it ever occur to you to ask yourself: Is this really true? Did that person really post it? For the…

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  • Colours of Catalunya

    Colours of Catalunya

    A Sunday morning stroll, wandering through the neighbourhood and park bursting with vibrant, happy colours.

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  • Camí de Ronda

    Camí de Ronda

    Camí de Ronda, Roc de Sant Gaietà, Roda de Berà (Tarragona).

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  • Colourful Skies, Feb. 2022

    Colourful Skies, Feb. 2022

    February 2022, Incredible, vibrant skies.

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